EMV Technology

The switch to EMV is in full swing. As more consumers begin to rely on their newly issued chip cards, adding new in-store technology to accept EMV-enabled cards and more effectively safeguard sensitive card data and protect your business from potential liability is crucial. Electronic Payments supports EMV technology and plays an active role in ensuring that our merchant partners are prepared for this new technology.

Preparing for EMV!

If you have yet to update your in-store technology to accept EMV payments, we can help! Following are easy steps for developing an EMV migration plan:

  • icon Learn 
    Learn about EMV and how it can affect your business. Visit and contact your local agent or Electronic Payments today for additional information.
  • icon Explore your Options 
    Speak with your Electronic Payments representative about which EMV-capable solutions work best for your business. Electronic Payments offers a wide array of affordable, state-of-the-art equipment that process the latest forms of payment, including EMV, NFC and Apple Pay™.
  • icon Prepare 
    Discuss EMV with your team to make sure everyone understands how the liability shift affects your business. Get your teams excited about adopting the payment methods of the future and show them how to operate your new EMV-capable equipment. Encourage them to show customers how to properly use their new EMV chip cards.
  • icon Implement 
    As your new EMV-capable solutions are installed, implement your staff training program and build customer awareness. Your new Electronic Payments EMV-capable terminal will come with an EMV 3-step counter decal, which you can place at checkout to guarantee a seamless checkout experience!

Make sure you've taken the necessary steps to avoid potential liability costs from fraudulent non-EMV transactions. Contact us at to start the EMV migration process!

Electronic Payments offers the latest EMV technology solutions to protect your business from financial impact caused by potential fraudulent transactions. Unlike traditional mag-stripe cards containing static data, EMV cards send coded data that changes with each transaction. Since only EMV-enabled devices are capable of decoding a chip card, fraud is greatly reduced at the point of sale.

Let us help you select EMV and NFC-enabled solutions that are best for your business:

Upgrade to the PAX S80 or Verifone Vx520
  • Support for EMV and NFC transactions, including Apple Pay™
  • Fast, reliable transactions
  • Integrated high-speed thermal printers
  • Intuitive interfaces designed for easy operation
Exatouch Point of Sale

Exatouch® supports EMV and contactless transactions with a full suite of semi-integrated PAX devices, including the S80, S300, and D210. Deliver faster, more secure transactions with Exatouch and benefit from:

  • Leading hardware and feature-rich software
  • Free inventory/menu programming and training
  • Full EMV support, including tip adjust on EMV
  • Seamless software upgrades
  • Cloud backup
Transform Your Business with Clover

Increase efficiency and improve operations with our selection of integrated Clover® products. Featuring the latest hardware and software technologies, you'll benefit from:

  • Customized hardware and software bundles
  • Free menu programming, setup and training
  • Staff and inventory management
  • TransArmor®, IP scanning and breach coverage
  • Exclusive Clover® App Market
  • Automatic software updates
  • Staff and inventory management
  • Fast, reliable transactions
  • Integrated high-speed thermal printers
  • Intuitive interfaces designed for easy operation